JICA, UNICEF, UNDP and DFAT appreciate EIA Classrooms

DelegatesfromJICA, UNICEF, UNDP, DFAT and DFID,along with the Education Officers of Khulna Sadar,visited two schools on 9th May 2016. The visit was planned to observe the ongoing operations of primary education and identify the demands for post PEDP-3 programme.

The EIA project was visited by delegates due to its substantial impact in terms of changes in the classroom. Theyobserved English classes conducted by EIA teachers in Nur Nagar Model Government Primary School andNurjahan Mahbub Government Primary School in Khulna.

The delegates spoke to the students to find out if they are keen to learn English and whether they are enjoying their classes or not. They also had a fruitful discussion with school teachers and head teachers. The delegates appreciated students’ achievements and gave feedback to the teachers on classroom activities. They congratulated the changes EIA has brought to the classrooms.


English in Action programme is a UK Government
funded programme implemented by the
Government of Bangladesh and managed by
Cambridge Education, a member of Mott MacDonald.