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BBC Janala launches Amar Engreji Course 2

BBC Janala has launched the second BBC Janala Amar Engreji Course across mobile phones, the internet and in print.

Designed especially for adults who already know a little bit of English, the second course will also be useful for the millions of learners who have already used the first BBC Janala Amar Engreji Course to start learning English. Together, the two BBC Janala Amar Engreji Courses are progressive, personalised, practical, convenient, flexible, affordable, and are both easy to use and follow. Learners can access course content in many different ways, regardless of financial, geographical, social or educational barriers.

The courses provide step-by-step learning, so that independent learners can track and evaluate their progress; they can do as little or as much as they choose at any one time and – above all – learn successfully while having fun. The second course includes a total of 96 structured lessons covering useful English words, grammar, conversation and pronunciation. Learners can chart their progress through the course with quizzes, and those who complete all 24 chapters can get a Course Report.

Charlotte Imbert, Country Director, BBC Media Action said:
“The new course offers an excellent chance for people in Bangladesh to learn or improve their English as part of their everyday life. It’s an incredible opportunity for people to learn in a structured but fun way, at a speed that suits them, using a mobile phone, computer or newspaper. Already, we know that millions of people are using the courses – either by themselves or alongside friends and family – and tracking their progress to see their English improving every day. We are very excited to be offering this fresh opportunity for people to improve their prospects for work and education through learning relevant and useful English. ”

Johan Bentinck, Team Leader, English In Action said:
“The Amar Engreji Courses open up entirely new ways of learning English. People can learn individually and at their own pace, using a wealth of interactive content that will create a truly enjoyable learning experience. The second course will be particularly helpful for people who already know some English and want to practise and improve their skills for very low costs. I see the new course as a wonderful addition to the suite of English learning opportunities that the English In Action project offers in Bangladesh.”

Learners can access the new course by visiting the BBC Janala website at or by dialling 300062 from any mobile phone in Bangladesh. Learners can also follow the course in a daily newspaper. The first Amar Engreji Course, designed for beginner-level learners, is still available on the same website, or by dialling 300061.  The call tariff of the mobile services is 50 paisa/minute (+VAT).


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