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Teacher Facilitators video shooting

As the numbers of teachers on EIA has increased over the last year, the role of the teacher facilitators has become even more important and central to the success of the programme. They have done a really great job helping their peers to have successful meetings and get the most from the materials and techniques promoted by EIA. 

But we have also been listening to what the TFs tell us. They told us that the videos have been crucial in helping teachers to not only know in theory how to use these techniques in the classroom, but to see it in practice.

They suggested that it would be really helpful for new TFs to have similar videos of good TF practice in facilitating cluster meetings.  So….in March and April our film team headed off to various corners of Bangladesh to film some TFs running their cluster meetings and with the aid of a video narrator, we put together a series of TF videos showing the running of one complete cluster meeting.  We hope and expect that this will be an enormous help to future TFs.

Mike Solly

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