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Teachers Reflecting

Earlier this month 15 Secondary and some Primary teachers from all over Bangladesh got together at the Uttara with us to be recorded as they reflected in small groups on their experience of different aspects of EIA promoted classroom practice. 

This newly created video material for the next phase of EIA is a development of “Teachers Talking” from the phase 3 EIA materials.  However, Teachers talking was audio only.  “Teachers reflecting” follows the pattern of the other authentic video in EIA, and visually captures EIA teachers reflecting on areas such as “controlled speaking activities” and “assessment and large classes”.  The reflection discussions were all conducted and led by teachers. 

We had to do battle with the elements as we filmed and frequently had to pause in our filming for the inevitable outside noises of trains, planes, cars, street sellers…..and the odd rainstorm!  But all the teachers contributed a great deal to this innovative and participatory way of reflecting on experience, and we feel confident this will be very useful for teachers in the future.

Mike Solly, June 2014


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