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World Teachers' Day 2015

Teachers are the center of English in Action. All the activities are for the professional development of our teachers. Thus EIA didn’t fall behind in celebrating the World Teachers Day. In celebrating the teacher’s day, EIA intervention teachers across the country shared their selfies through social media, Facebook.

Inaugurated by UNESCO (United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Operation) in 1994, World Teachers day is celebrating around the world in 5th October each year. The slogan of this year is aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals- ‘Empowering Teachers, building sustainable development’.

This is a day to show the gratitude and appreciation towards teachers who are working to shape up our future generations. EIA Team Leader, Sue Williamson and Project Director, Md. Siddiqur Rahman has delivered different messages to congratulate our teachers in this day.

In her message Sue Williamson thanked the teachers in their commitments by saying, “Teachers often work in challenging circumstances but still they remain committed to ensure a better future for their children in class.” (Watch Sue’s Message)

Mr. Md. Siddiqur Rahman in his message has addressed the hard work of teachers by saying- “You are experimenting different activities and materials with your students at different times and I really appreciate your hard work”.  (Watch the PD’s message)

EIA is now working with over 30,000 teachers across Bangladesh. Teachers are making a difference in teaching English in classes and helping students ahead to the global context.

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