PTI Superintendents’ now know EIA approaches

English in Action programme on 29 August 2015 organised an orientation programme for Primary Teacher’s Training Institute (PTI) Superintendents from across Bangladesh. The aim of this workshop was to introduce the superintendents about EIA approaches and activities. The programme attended by over 53 PTI superintendents took place in Dhaka and marked the accomplishment of the first event for PTI arranged by EIA.

Dr. Muzibur Rahman Howlader, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Md. Siddiqur Rahman, Project Director, EIA, Zahir bin Siddique, Head of I&S, EIA amongst other were present in the programme.

The half-day long programme introduced and explained to the PTI superintendents’ different aspects of EIA approaches and activities which included:

  • Oriented to EIA Teacher Development Programme and the EIA materials.
  • Shared information about EIA activities with different Govt. organizations.
  • PTI superintendents identifying how EIA might work with them to improve the continuous professional development of in-service primary English teachers.

The additional secretary of MoPME stated, “…EIA is using some strategy to change classroom. We need to exercise those to get the maximum benefit from EIA.”

At the end of the workshop, the PTI superintendents received EIA printed and digital materials which will further support them regarding their support to the URCIs (Upazila Resource Center Instructors) and MTs (Master Trainers) in EIA activities.

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