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A Silent Revolution…

"I am very glad to inform all the members related to EIA that it has changed the view of teaching methods in classrooms in Kishoregonj.

As a Teacher Facilitator of primary school, I am very closely related with all the activities that introduces EIA.

Before EIA, I needed to prepare materials for classes or had to spend many hours in creating accurate activities for classes.

But EIA helped me with materials and trainings. I am practicing it in my classroom and a radical change has taken place with my classroom and my student’s view of learning.

They enjoy all the activities like games, role play and group works. Now they can communicate with each other in English and can response in English. I am spellbound to see the improvement of my students. I found its impact on their exams. Some weak students write the whole poem with incorrect spelling because they never memorize poem now. As hearing EIA rhymes in the classes, they now can easily remember the whole rhymes.

They can relate their own life with text. Suppose, I teach them about Saikat’s family and they can speak about themselves. They now relate English in their lives. Another teacher of our school also pays interest on EIA materials and techniques.

In my school, teachers from PTI [Primary Training Institute] Kishoregonj take classes. They watched my class one day when I was taking an English class at the time of AUEO’s [Assistan Upazila Education Officer] visit and after seeing that they came to me and wanted to use materials and techniques.

Some teachers also copy the EIA audio and take suggestions from me that how successfully they can use these techniques. When they attend the classes they take a look on Activity Guide, flash-cards, and posters and also listen to the audio. For me it’s an outstanding experience.

Another thing I want to add that in our upazila, UEO, Md. Siddikur Rahman advised all the head teachers who are not linked with EIA project, that they may buy speaker and copy EIA audio for classroom if they are interested.

Most of the school here now is practicing EIA techniques in the classroom. So here a silent revolution is going on around the primary schools. English in Action is the revolution and I am a part of this revolution. This has not only changed me, but have transformed me into a proactive teacher through use of mobile phones, speakers and print materials that I use in my classrooms as well as English clubs I moderate. This gives me hope for our next generation’s success."

Alam Nashra, Assitant Teacher, 

Binnogaon Government Primary School –

Kishoregonj Sadar

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