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BBC Janala launches innovative English Course on Mobile, Online and on Television

The new BBC Janala Amar Engreji Course will be available on mobile, web, WAP, print, television and CD. The course has been developed to provide adults in Bangladesh with the opportunity to learn English. It is progressive, personalized, practical, convenient, flexible, affordable, and is both easy to use and follow. Learners can access course content in many different ways, regardless of financial, geographical, social or educational barriers. The course provides step-by-step learning, so that learners can track and evaluate their progress; they can do as little or as much as they choose at any one time and – above all – learn successfully while having fun too! The new course offers an opportunity for self-motivated learning, which can become a part of everyday life.

BBC Janala Amar Engreji Courses are progressive courses for independent learners. The first course launches today and, for the first time, offers personalized learning through mobile and web. Learners can chart their progress through the course with quizzes, and those who complete all 24 chapters can get a Course Report. The course is also available in a daily newspaper.

Charlotte Imbert, Country Director, BBC Media Action said:

This new course is an incredible opportunity for people to learn in a structured but fun way – we take the learning right into their homes – on to their TV set computer and mobile phone – they will be able to track their progress and know that every day their English is improving – We are very excited to be offering this fresh new opportunity for people to improve their prospects for business and education through learning relevant and useful English.

Marc van der Stouwe, Team Leader, English in Action said:

The Amar Engreji Course opens up entirely new ways of learning English. People can learn individually and at their own pace, using a wealth of interactive content that will create a truly enjoyable learning experience. The new course also transforms the ways in which technology can be used for people’s own development. And all of this at very low costs. I see the new course as a wonderful new addition to the suite of English learning opportunities that the English in Action (EIA) Project offers in Bangladesh.

Gwen Hines, Country Representative, DFID said:

This is an exciting moment in the development of English in Action. Confident use of English is central to the individual aspirations of millions of people of Bangladesh who hope to lift themselves out of poverty by finding a better job and participating fully in the country's economic and social development. More than 23 million people in Bangladesh have accessed this programmes and there is solid research evidence that, English in Action is changing peoples' lives. Therefore, the UK Government, through UKaid (the Department for International Development) is supporting English in Action and working closely with the Government of Bangladesh to help strengthen English skills. As a result of innovative teaching practices, 600 teachers and 30,000 students have improved their English language skills so far. Now, with the launch of BBC Janala Amar Engreji Course and the popular TV programme BBC Janala Mojay Mojay Shekha, many more people will be able to learn English, at their own convenience, using multimedia platforms.

Following the success of the first series, BBC Media Action is now launching BBC Janala Mojay Mojay Shekha, series two.  The new 16-episode series has a fresh look, style, pace and onscreen design, specially aimed at an audience of adult learners. The show seeks to motivate audiences to learn English through fun and games, which present and practice language from the course. The new show is packed with actor-led comedy sketches, short location-based dramas and onscreen graphic-based video inserts.  BTV and BTV World will broadcast BBC Janala Mojay Mojay Shekha, series two, every Saturday from 10th March onwards at 7:20pm, with repeats on Mondays at 8:35am and Wednesdays at 2:15pm. 

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