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2,400 Non-formal schools now enjoying EIA Reading Books under SHIKHON Programme

In April 2015, Save the Children, International reprinted 19,350 copies of 10 EIA English reading books for their 2,400 Non-formal schools under the SHIKHON (Learning) programme.

To ensure proper use of these books, EIA provided an orientation to the SHIKHON programme technical officials, who are currently working with the teachers across these schools.

This collaboration was a part of the MoU signed between SHIKHON program of Save the Children (SCI) and English in Action (EIA) regarding the reprinting of EIA reading books in December 2014.

In 2013, EIA developed graded reading books for class 1, 2 and 3 (6 books for each class) along with its partner organization Friends In Village Development Bangladesh (FIVDB), which was piloted in different types of schools including, FIVDB, UCEP and GPS.

In 2014, the SHIKHON programme of Save the Children was also looking for quality English reading books for their Non-formal schools to improve the reading skills of the students and EIA books were chosen for this purpose. All the cost of re-printing was borne by the SHIKHON programme and EIA provided technical support during the production and orientation processes.

Through this collaboration with SCI, 10 EIA reading books have made their way into the Non-formal education sector - another step towards sustainability of our approach to teaching and learning English in schools.


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