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The EIA Final Phase Objectives in Brief

In the final phase of EIA (2014 to 2017) we will be working to:

•    increase the reach and use of EIA approaches in approximately 20,000 more primary and secondary schools working with and through GoB and development partners in order to make a more substantial impact on English language teaching and learning;

•    monitor and evaluate the increased reach and use of EIA approaches and share the knowledge gained with GoB, development partners and the wider Education for Development community;

•    advocate for the critical success elements of EIA approaches – peer support, follow on support & monitoring, head teacher support, linkages to national curriculum & assessment and audio-visual materials & enabling technologies - to be embedded within GoB and development partner programmes and structures, so that, after project end, these are sustained within the primary and secondary sector-wide programmes.


 January 2015



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English in Action programme is a UK Government
funded programme implemented by the
Government of Bangladesh and managed by
Cambridge Education, a member of Mott MacDonald.