Primary Teacher Guide

The ‘Primary Teacher Guide’ is the core professional development document for the teachers. It is a pedagogical guide for the teachers that synchronize with the professional development audios and videos provided within the mobile phones. The guide has three segments – an introduction, modules and appendices.


The introduction initiates the teacher to the EIA program, its goals, methods and materials. It also discusses the roles and responsibilities of the teachers, both in their classrooms and in the cluster meetings. There is also a section on the very important issue of social inclusion, which is a basic tenet of the EIA program.

The modules

The pedagogy in this document is provided through eight modules, to be covered in eight cluster meetings. These modules focus on communicative language teaching, techniques for the development of the four language skills of the students and effective assessment methods.


The final segment of the guide includes 5 appendices that support the overall learning experience. The appendices cover the usage of EIA equipment, provide the teachers with further opportunities for practicing language with some additional activities, aggregate the Classroom Languages from the modules, supply model answers to the module activities and finally, wrap up with a glossary of the terms referenced throughout the guide.

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