Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Shaheen, R., Walsh, C (2013) English in Action: Leveraging the power of mobile phones within a large-scale programme of teacher professional development in Bangladesh. International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL) (forthcoming)

Shrestha, Prithvi (in press). English language classroom practices: Bangladeshi primary school children¹s perceptions. RELC Journal

Walsh, C., Shrestha, P. and Hedges, C. (forthcoming) ‘Mobile phones for professional development and English teaching in Bangladesh’, International Journal of Innovation and Learning.

Walsh, C.S., Power, T.P., Khatoon, M., Biswas, S.K., Paul, A.K., Sarkar, B.C. & Griffiths, M. (2013) ‘The ‘trainer in your pocket’: mobile phones within a teacher continuing professional development program in Bangladesh’, Professional Development in Education 39(2): 186-200.

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Shohel, M.M.C. and Power, T. (2010) ‘Introducing mobile technology for enhancing teaching and learning in Bangladesh: Teacher perspectives’, Open Learning 25(3): 201-15.

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Government of Bangladesh and managed by
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