To create deep and lasting impact, our aim is to become an inseparable part of the education sectors and media learning services in Bangladesh.

Working with the Government of Bangladesh

Being a discrete project under the Primary Education Development Programme III, EIA works closely with the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and the Ministry of Education, with the expectation that, by 2017, EIA programme components will be embedded within the Government structures and systems.

Our collective work focuses on:

  • Implementing and monitoring EIA schools programme in collaboration with the Government at policy, administrative and field levels, including the integration of EIA contents into primary English subject based training and foundation training programmes and M&E mechanisms;
  • Design of new teacher education – working with the Government and development partners to design new sector-wide teacher development programmes;
  • Curriculum development – working with the National Curriculum and Textbook Board on new textbooks, teachers' editions, and to make EIA teacher professional development videos and classroom audios available to all English teachers;
  • Teachers’ portal – working with Prime Minister’s Office and Access to Information Project to make EIA resources accessible to all in the teacher education sector.

Working with NGOs and Projects

As well as the national partners – Underprivileged Children's Educational Programme and Friends in Village Development Bangladesh – EIA works with a wide range of NGOs and projects. For example, our adult English learning clubs are supported by local NGOs, out-of-school children are reached through our work with UNICEF and EIA reading materials are used by Save the Children’s schools programme.

Working with the Private Sector

EIA works in partnership with the telecommunications sector – all six local mobile operators, state and private TV companies, national newspapers – creating affordable learning accessed by millions of people.

EIA is now transferring the multi-media English learning products to the local partners. Our expectation is that these will not only continue to be available to support millions of new learners, but also provide a stimulus and platform for new English learning products to be created. This will be supported by a network of English language teaching and learning media professionals, which EIA has developed.

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English in Action programme is a UK Government
funded programme implemented by the
Government of Bangladesh and managed by
Cambridge Education, a member of Mott MacDonald.