Professional development audio and videos

Just like the Teacher Guide, the teachers’ professional development audio-visual materials provided within the mobile phones are also arranged in 8 modules for the 8 cluster meetings. These materials complement the Teacher Guide modules. Each module has a series of video clips and two audio files. There is an additional folder with video clips that demonstrate different classroom activities.

The video materials introduce different pedagogical topics and demonstrate different teaching techniques and activities. There are two audio files within each module - a module specific recording of the Classroom Languages and a discussion between EIA teachers, detailing their experiences with the pedagogical points of that module.

Audio Samples

{mp3}primary/audio/tpd/17.M4CL{/mp3}17.M4CL {mp3}primary/audio/tpd/18.M4TT{/mp3}18.M4TT


Video Samples

{flv}eia_materials/primary/video/tpd/14.M4V1{/flv}14.M4V1 {flv}eia_materials/primary/video/tpd/15.M4V2{/flv}15.M4V2



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