Secondary Teacher Facilitator Guide

EIA secondary Teacher Facilitators (TFs) are a group of qualified and experienced secondary English teachers responsible for providing peer support to the teachers and conducting the cluster meetings.
The Teacher Facilitator Handbook is provided as a structured plan for conducting the cluster meetings. It alsosupports the TFs own capacity building in the process. The Teacher facilitator guides are broken down into four segments – introduction, cluster meeting guides,cluster meeting improvement strategies and an appendix.

The introduction starts off by discussing the roles and responsibilities of the teacher facilitators. These primarily entail their facilitation responsibilities towards the teachers and their partner facilitators and also carrying out the cluster meetings successfully and effectively. Like the Teacher Guide, there is also a section on social inclusion. The introduction wraps up with some pointers on the usage of English in the cluster meetings.

The Cluster Meeting Guides
The core content of this document is the eight cluster meeting plans. These plans provide detailed breakdown of each segment of the eight cluster meetings, elucidate the tasks and activities and provide their model answers and pave the way for the next cluster meeting.

Improving the cluster meetings
This is a Quality Assurance (QA) segment that asks the TF to perform certain duties that would collect data from the cluster meetings and feed it back to the English in Action headquarter, where this data would be analysed and used for QA purposes of the cluster meetings. These duties include dissemination of QA questionnaires and the resolution of any problems regarding the data collection.

The guide wraps up with one final segment, a single page appendix with a sample Student record sheet.


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