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EIA schools programme nominated for ELTons award!

The English in Action teaching and learning programme has been shortlisted for the "Local Innovation" ELTons 2013 award! The award recognises English language teaching (ELT) content developed for a specific local need and context.

The ELTons (British Council Innovation Awards) are offered to outstanding new language learning products and services, that use innovative ideas to help learners achieve their goals, or to innovative research which has clear practical benefits for English language teaching.

EIA produced a digital story board to explain how the EIA programme works, the focus of which is how teachers use the professional development videos on their mobile phones. The videos show authentic classroom practice – of actual teachers using EIA techniques with their students. The story board shows the journey teachers experience when they are part of the English in Action programme, as well as the scope of the intervention.

We eagerly await the awards ceremony, which will be held in London on 22 May.

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English in Action programme is a UK Government
funded programme implemented by the
Government of Bangladesh and managed by
Cambridge Education, a member of Mott MacDonald.