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Feeling Positive

EIA’s regular monitoring statistics show the 2012 cohort of EIA teachers’ continue to be extremely positive about EIA as they progress through the EIA teacher professional development programme. After taking part in the programme for 9 months, teachers’ continue to regard EIA activities and materials as really important and use them in the classroom.

In July 2012, EIA held initial workshops with 4,500 teachers from across Bangladesh to introduce them to the EIA programme which supports teachers to use communicative language learning activities and materials in their classes.

After taking part in the programme for four months, 97% of teachers regarded EIA activities and materials as either important or very important in their English classrooms for their student’s learning. Nine months after this, 100% of teachers thought the approaches and materials are either important or very important for their English classes.


Similarly, teachers reported they continue to make use of EIA approaches and materials in their English classrooms. After four of taking part in the programme,  60% of teachers said they mostly used EIA activities in their English classes and 37% reported they often used them. Nine months after this, 84% of teachers said the use EIA activities them use at least once a week and 15% indicated they used EIA activities at least once a month. Further to this, 85% of teachers said they use EIA audio at least once a week and 73% said they watch EIA video once a week. 

Source: EIA PMIS (Project Management Information Service) | Prepared by: Shahjedur Rahman, Research Officer.

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