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Rising rate of internet usage and

The number of people using the internet in Bangladesh is on the rise. October 2013 data from BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) show that the country now has over 36 million internet subscribers, with the majority accessing the web through a mobile phone. The results of the 2013 National Media and Demographic Survey (recently published by The Nielsen Company) also show an encouraging penetration rate of 7.7% which was 5% in 2011.

The ever-increasing use of internet-based services has also brought good news for BBC Janala, with the project’s adult learning website also experiencing a growth in user numbers. Over 178,000 people are now using, demonstrating the growing popularity of an easy-to-access English learning service, which is also free of cost.

More than 19 million pages have been viewed – and learners are engaging heavily with the site, staying for an average of 16 minutes per visit (longer than most of the popular websites in Bangladesh and approaching the figure achieved by international sites such as YouTube). With the new Amar Engreji Course 3 due to add to BBC Janala’s on-line offering in the near future, the project will continue to provide accessible, progressive English learning to an ever increasing number of adults across Bangladesh.


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