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EIA part of DPE TED plan Core working Group now

English in Action has been given the privilege to be an integral part of a Core Working Group at DPE (Directorate of Primary Education). The Core Working Group was set up as an outcome of a series of discussions between DPE and EIA. The 15 member committee was formed with representatives from both sides.

The overall objective of the Core Working Group is to identify areas for integration of EIA approaches into the TED (Teacher Education Development) plan activities including the SbT (Subject based Training) manual, recommending on an appropriate structure for the implementation process and a time line.

Already, two meetings have been held in April and June 2014. The 15 members committee exchanged information on the respective programmes through a sharing session of teacher development activities and approaches. The members agreed that there are opportunities for integration of EIA approaches in the TED plan.

The next meeting will take place in early July where instructions/guidelines for facilitation of the integrated/revised manual contents will be developed. A meeting will be organized where the contents and the recommendations will be handed over to the Advisory Committee for further actions.
We fully believe that this is the start of a very fruitful collaboration.


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