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EIA part of DPE’s Subject-based Training (SbT) for English

Observing the success of English in Action (EIA) so far, the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) has decided to integrate EIA contents within the in-service SbT teacher education programme.

As part of a number of joint initiatives, EIA had already contributed to the development of the English SbT manual and the Diploma in Primary Education programme based interactive pedagogy. More recently, DPE has approved the integrated contents including audio-visual (AV) materials and supporting activities for English SbT. 

A Core Working Group, involving members from the Primary Teacher Training Institutes (PTIs), DPE and EIA, was assigned to continue working on the teacher professional development contents. It is expected that integration of the AV materials and activities will contribute towards increasing the quality of English teaching and learning.

As part of future collaboration, EIA and DPE agreed to facilitate workshops for Master Trainers, Upazila Resource Centre Instructors and Teacher Trainers. Also, all PTI attached schools will be included in the EIA coverage area.

December 2014

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