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Research results sharing held with IER

EIA held an absorbing and thought-provoking seminar at the Institute of Education and Research (IER), University of Dhaka, on 25 September 2014, sharing results from research on EIA’s 2013 teacher cohort after 12 months of participating in the programme.

Findings on students’ and teachers’ English language competence and perceptions and teachers’ classroom practice were presented, contextualisied against a backdrop of international evidence on approaches to teacher education. The model and approach used with the EIA 2013 cohort – which worked with 4,000 teachers and approximately 887,000 students – was also outlined, along with details of EIA’s research, monitoring and evaluation (RME) framework and methodological details of the studies.

EIA’s RME team, with Tom Power and Professor Robert McCormick, The Open University (UK), gave the presentation.

Students, researchers and faculty members from across IER attended the event and shared their experiences of conducting the fieldwork and impressions of the EIA 2013 intervention. The IER researchers were particularly excited to hear that a study they had carried out fieldwork for was one of only three which presents quantitative evidence on classroom practice, according to a DFID review on Educational Technology in low to lower-middle income countries.

September 2014

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