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EIA at the 7th BELTA international conference

The 7th BELTA International Conference 2015, took place from January 2nd to 4th 2015 at NAEM.

EIA participated in this conference, by showcasing the impact it has demonstrated in Bangladesh’s English classrooms, its materials, and approaches. EIA also presented two exciting papers regarding Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Impact of Head Teacher’s support on Teachers’ Professional Development (TPD).  

EIA supports English teachers (Government) to get the maximum professional benefit by using EIA materials and methods. Through this event EIA shared its experience on what English language teachers can do to make learning more effective and sustainable.

EIA also demonstrated its materials and trainer in the hand concept through the exhibition stall at the event.

The conference was attended by English teachers, trainers, policy makers, administrators, textbooks and materials writers, researchers, educationists & technologists related to English Language teaching, learning, testing and administration.

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