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EIA team at different international conferences

Recently EIA has participated in UKFIET conference organized by the Education and Development Forum (UK) on 15-17th September and on 18-20th November in Language and Development conference organized by British Council India. Three papers were presented in these conferences.

The paper presented in UKFIET were,

-    “How underprivileged graduates use English in real life contexts and how these uses have may led to economic benefit.” The research suggested that the underprivileged school leavers felt English is beneficial for their career and economic development.

-    "Changes in teaching and learning: what counts, who to, how is it counted?" Focuses on and contributes to the evidence that links teacher development programmes and educational technology programmes in low-to-middle income countries, to improvements in quality.

The paper presented in Language and Development was:
-    “Empowering marginalized professionals through digital media”. The focus of this paper was on how the government teachers, who are one of the marginalized professional groups are benefitting themselves through EIA. Major findings are EIA is creating opportunity for the teachers to develop professionally, socially and also economically by increasing capacity and confidence through its easy accessible professional development materials.

Tom Power, Dr. Rama Mathew, Claire Hedges, Dr. Ian Eyres, Md. Shajedur Rahman and Md. Ashraf Siddique, Tania Islam, Yeasmin Ali and Zakia Sultana from EIA represented the project in these conferences.



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