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Initial Teachers’ Development Meetings 2015 begin

Beginning from March 2015, English in Action project launched the Initial Teachers’ Development Meetings across Bangladesh with over 5,000 Head teachers and 10,000 Government Assistant teachers.

The Initial Teachers’ Development Meetings (ITDMs) are the launching pad for EIA teachers towards the process of changing classroom practices across more schools in Bangladesh. Updated printed and digital materials are now reaching to new teachers and education officers in seven divisions throughout the country through EIA divisional offices.

Teachers are provided with SD cards which they load in their own-mobile phones. The SD cards provided by EIA have all the audio visual materials. Along with these materials teachers are also getting print guides to get support in their professional development. Teachers learn by carrying out new classroom activities, guided by teacher development videos that show and explain the activities to be used in classrooms. For primary teachers these meetings are facilitated by Teacher Facilitators who have facilitated in English Subject based Training. For secondary teachers, EIA Coordinator Teachers Development will facilitate these meetings. 

"This training is really much enjoyable and in every session we’re learning new techniques and games or activities which are very effective for students of our school and also for us.” - Kajoly Parvin, Head Teacher, Mirpur, Kushtia.

“We were given clear concrete tools. These techniques/tools attempt to demystify the art of teaching and fostering confidence.” -Md. Hanan Hossain, Teacher Facilitators, Shreenagar, Munshiganj.

“There are different levels of participants in the training. If we miss anything during sessions, the mobile would support us to learn those things that we have missed. Because now the trainer is our own mobile and we can carry it all the time with us”   - Nargis, Assistant Teacher, Shreenagar, Munshiganj.

By 2015 EIA aims to reach the following teachers and Education officers to continue in bringing changes in classroom practices.


 2015 Project Reach




Assistant Teachers



Teacher Facilitator



Head Teachers



Education Officers



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