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“Now I am not only a teacher, I am also a classroom researcher” - Shamima Sultana, Assistant Teacher in Noakhali

In 2015, when I started to work for the Teachers’ Voices Conference (TVC), I realized my passion about my profession has increased. “Now I am not only a teacher, I am also a classroom researcher.” I am searching scopes for further betterment of my class. The activities I am doing and the evidence I am keeping for it are my own resources. I can grow professionally on the basis of these activities.


Through my study in TVC, I am exploring mainly two questions:

  • How can I improve my skill as an English teacher and
  • How can I make the lessons fun and include everyone

Whenever I plan to apply a new technique in classroom I follow the following four steps: Previously, I was making lesson plan, but now, I am following these steps. I plan my lessons that in which part, I want to apply a new technique. Then I act in my class by actually implementing the technique.

Then comes observing, which is done by videoing myself, or by my peer teacher or head teacher or by the students. I have used classroom evaluation form for my peer teacher and head teacher. My students are also giving feedback to me in smiley (emoticon).

Then comes reflecting on what I have done in my classroom and what I could do differently. On the basis of these results, I can plan what I will do in my next class.

In TVC, I am also working with three peer teachers in our upazila, who are also doing the same study, outside my school. Sometimes our activities are matched with one another, but our classroom situation is not the same. I also collect information what they are doing in their classroom. After hearing from them, I can also think of applying those in my classroom. I also want to mention Md. Sadek Hossain, Instructor, URC of our upazila, who has helped me a lot and guided me to improve the process. I also felt some challenges while doing the study; I have observed that some students are not participating in the classroom activities. I was thinking why these students are not participating. I wanted to talk with them, but I thought, if other students can help me in this case, I will get more authentic reasons. So, I made some small groups that were out of my study line. I have selected six leaders in my class, to lead in each small group consisting of six members. I have written some questions on the board, like: why the group members are not participating in the classroom activities and what is their expectations from my class. The leader is supposed to discuss the questions with their group members. At the end of the group work, I have collected data from my group leaders and it became clear to me. Some girl students have shared, “if I say something in English I may make mistakes and the boys will laugh at me”. Some students shared they were weak or nervous. So, I found the students do not have confidence to represent themselves.

TVC made me capable to do this. Now, I am thinking about my classroom deeply. If my students didn’t learn anything, it makes me think about the facts why they are not learning. That’s why I can say, I am a classroom researcher.

(Transcript collected and edited from the interview of Shamima Sultana with EIA Communications team; Shamima Sultana is Assistant Teacher of Kalachandpur Govt. Primary School, Noakhali)

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