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EIA contributes to design of the New Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP) in Bangladesh

Having a voice in shaping the next primary sector-wide programme has long been an aspiration for EIA, as it is one of the most effective platforms for sharing experiences and expertise. Since inception in 2008, the project has worked to find out what works best for English teaching and learning and teacher development in the country context and what we can draw on from experiences in other countries worldwide. Rich learning based on strong evidence has emerged and now it is an opportune time to be invited to take part in designing the Post PEDP III. It is a testimony to team effort not only within the project but also, meaningful collaboration with Government officials in different institutions and the development partners.

Findings from on-going research studies have highlighted the growing impact on pupils’ English Language competence and teachers’ level on confidence in conducting interactive lessons. Different elements of the teachers’ professional development model used by EIA, including innovative materials and approaches to pedagogy, teacher development and support have been proven effective in delivering a good quality programme. This has been acknowledged by the Government and wider stakeholders. As a result, with support from DFID Bangladesh, EIA will contribute to designing the in-service and pre-service teacher training and ICT and education components of Post PEDP III.

The team is excited to have this great opportunity.

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