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Clubs for Free Classes

Across Bangladesh, English in Action’s media and adult learning component, BBC Janala, has initiated over 500 clubs. One of those clubs, is the English Language Club- Dimla

The club in Dimlaupazila, which is around 450 Kms away from Dhaka, was founded and coordinated by a group of EIA trained teachers.

Currently on their 30th meeting, the club members all agreed that they have a very rewarding time coming together and practicing and developing their English language.

Teachers around the upazila became aware of the existence of this club and were interested in using it to improve their own English. Practice makes perfect is now being seen in real terms as teachers get more opportunities to share, learn and improve their English together through the club.

But the Dimla English Club is not just about teachers improving their own English. Being aware of the existence of many school dropouts in this poverty prone area, who were currently receiving no education and have had to leave schools to earn a living for their families, the members opened a Free Class on Friday manned by EIA teachers and club members

They give their time voluntarily to help improve the life prospects of people in their neighborhood.  Alongside the school age students who attend, the Club has also attracted a group of workers from the nearby market who have grasped the opportunity to improve their English skills.

There is Mehdi Hasan the computer technician, Monjur the auto-rickshaw driver and Abdur Rashid the electrical mechanic.

One of the teachers, says, “Dimla is a poverty prone area and kids have to leave school to support their families. If our initiative, can make even a little difference, we are happy with it”.

“the English I learn here helps me in my work.”

Mehdi Hasan, Computer Technician - free class participant.

EIA teachers are no longer limited to classroom teaching and learning but are actively engaging in the community, and changing learning, changing lives continues, even without the direct involvement of EIA.

The driving force is the commitment of these teachers that is taking change to a new and exciting level.

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