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Joy, Overwhelming joy - Al Mamum writes from Rajshahi

By: Md. Al Mamun, Asst. Teacher (English), Naogaon K.D. Govt. High School, TF (Secondary), Naogaon Sadar                        

Naogaon K.D.Govt. High School, one of the eminent education centres of secondary level of this region, is in ‘rollicking’ moment now. According to the merit list of SSC examination, the institution has secured 4th place in the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rajshahi. Though the school has a great reputation for achieving 100% success and bright results in the entire public examinations in the recent years - this year, it surpasses all the records of the past times.

Among 207 students, 196 have got A+, 10 have got A and 1 has got A-. Certainly, this is thrilling news for the students, teachers and parents and all the inhabitants of Naogaon. Naogaon K.D. Govt. High School has never experienced such outstanding results in its long running of 125 years.

 Analysing the results of all public examinations of the past few years, the standard of education from this institution is now on a rising level.

 Statistics of SSC Result


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 For attaining the glorious results in the SSC examination, Mr. Shamol Kumar Chaki, the acting headmaster of the school, emphasizes that “the enrolling students of the school are meritorious certainly, we have worthy teachers (44 in two shifts) - all of them are subject based, they are trained, especially in creative methods of delivering education and also dedicated in their profession. Our students are too inquisitive and most of the present learning contents are skill based. Realizing the importance of English, we are trying our best to bring a sweeping change in English language teaching. It is remarkable that our system of learning English is changing rapidly with today’s demands. We have 8 worthy English teachers. All of them are subject based, have masters’ degree in English and also have specialized training in English. Two of them, Mr. Rezaun Nabi and Mr. Al Mamun, received English in Action training and got all its equipment in 2013. Mr. Al Mamun has also become the Teacher Facilitator of EIA in Naogaon Sador. For holding the Cluster Meeting of EIA in our school campus, we get enough scope to share our ideas with EIA team and all other related teachers”.

After attending my two-day EIA workshop (20/03/14 and 21/03/14) at Rajshahi, I became so impressed with EIA techniques and materials for learning English. As the rest of our 6 teachers do not get EIA training so quickly, I, with the support of my two referred teachers, arranged two-day workshop (23/03/2014 and 24/03/2014) in our multimedia class room to help the rest of the English teachers with EIA techniques. We also provided them with one set of all EIA equipment for the morning shift teachers so that all our students (both morning and day shift) can get the opportunity to be acquainted with EIA methods of learning English. 

In our previous classroom teaching, listening and speaking skills are ignored in English classes. Definitely it weakens our students in learning English and as a result our students fail to express their ideas and feelings in English, they cannot communicate their real life situation in English.

In EIA all the skills of language learning (i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) are used simultaneously. Involvement of students’ participation in English language learning is so lively here. Learning by doing plays a very significant role in attaining its goal. Learning is fun and learning by mistakes is also enjoyable.

The prominent features of EIA are certainly praiseworthy for its universal acknowledgement. After implementing the EIA techniques in the classroom, we are starting to realize that our teachers and students have become more enthusiastic about learning the language in a friendly and interactive way.

Our students now agree that changing learning of English can ensure changing lives. Now they show more interest in learning this language and consequently, their progress have been reflected in our last SSC examination.

For this reason, this year, our students getting A+ in English has increased and it influenced our tremendous achievement (i.e. Our school has stood 4th place in the merit list of Rajshahi Education Board). We do earnestly believe that, after using the EIA techniques in the classroom, our students’ achievement will not be confined to getting marks only, they will also be able to utilize English for upholding their lives in the future. 

At last, it is benevolently hoped that Naogaon K.D. Govt. High School will hold the bright progress again and again, and enlighten the society forever.  

June, 2014

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