Success Stories 2015

"After EIA the situation of my English classroom has changed radically." - Lakshmi, Khagrachari

After being a part of EIA programme, the situation of my English classroom has changed radically. It’s really amazing!

Now-a-days conducting English classes is very interesting and also enjoyable for me and my pupils. Most of the students in my class use English to communicate. They are now more interested to use English instead of Bangla. It has made a huge change in the classroom in a remote area like Khagrachari. I am very happy to bring this change. And this is only because of EIA. There are lot of students in my class who don’t have any scope to practice English but they are doing great in English now.

They like to give simple answers and communicate with each other’s in English. Now I conduct my classes in this way that ‘students speak more and teacher speak less’.

Whenever I apply simple but very effective techniques learnt from EIA my students enjoy and they concentrate more in the lessons. Action songs, greeting songs are very effective for warm up. During assembly session they join more spontaneously and make themselves remain active for whole day, if I play action songs and let them do act with those songs.

But before EIA, like most of the teachers, I was also scared of English. Because as a hill-tracts tribe English is our third language. I thought that English is a very hard as a language for communicating. And I used to conduct classes in more traditional way, just giving lectures and reading our from books without involving students.

After being a member of EIA, I learnt many easier, simple and effective means to help students. By applying those, practicing EL4T and classroom languages, my classroom situation is now totally changed.

Now, I also use digital materials like audios, digital posters provided by EIA. This is the first time I am working with those materials. They help me very much to practice students’ correct pronunciation. And I developed myself by practicing EL4T alongside.
Finally, I want to say that all students are getting chance to practice more and more English. And I wish that every school teachers of Bangladesh can get the facilities of EIA. So that every student can get the chance to learn with the concepts of EIA ‘learning by doing’.

Lakshmi Puti Chakma
Assistant teacher
Vai Bon Chara Government Primary School
Khagrachari Sadar Upazilla

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